Blood Lactate Testing

  • Blood Lactate testing is one of the most accurate ways to measure your current fitness.
  • Accurately set up your training zones for power and heart rate.
  • Evaluate your training programme with regular testing.
  • Discover your true lactate threshold (FTP) – no more estimates!
  • Carried out at Bristol Bike Lab.
  • Use your own bike on our professional quality trainer.
  • Full written report explaining your results.
  • Free parking, shower/changing, and cafe on site.

Power Testing

  • Testing to suit your needs and the events you are riding.
  • Carried out on our Wattbike Pro at the Bristol Bike Lab.
  • 3 Minute aerobic test.
  • 6 Second max power test.
  • 30 Second Wingate test.
  • Functional threshold power – FTP
  • Other tests available.
  • Full written report explaining your results.

Rider Screening

  • Body fat % using skin-fold caliper measurements.
  • Flexibility screening.
  • Strength testing.
  • Identify physical imbalances to prevent injury.
  • Carried out at Bristol Bike Lab in our gym.
Bristol Bike Lab